High Speed Stirrer

We present Stirrer with Telescopic Stand, which is another best lab instrument used for stirring purposes in different laboratories. It is designed with telescopic stand that enable user to adjust it at required angle and offers quality services for long time. This device is manufactured using quality raw materials and designed in accordance of latest trends and quality standard. This instrument is highly appreciated for its quality performance and ability to withstand extreme exposure.


Corrosion resistance

High Strength

Sturdy in design

Dimensionally accurate


Telescopic Stand Stirrer


high speed stirrer with stand



We offer High speed stirrers of various capacities to meet your specific process requirements be it Pigment Dispersions

Automotive Coatings, Dye Stuffs, Electronic Inks,  High Performance Ceramics, plastisols, Carbon Dispersions, Graphite Composite, Magnetic Dispersions, Paints, Glass Coatings, chemical slurries.

The mixing blade, a serrated / saw tooth impellor offers quick powder or solid to liquid dispersion creating a powerful vortex drawing materials to impellor.

Raising and lowering whilst mixing ideal for mixing viscous products. Speed range 0-3000mm using variable frequency drive.

  1. Hydraulic High speed Disperser 5 HP, 10 HP, 15 HP, 20 HP, 25 HP.

  1. Laboratory Stirrer 1 HP

  1. Floor mounted 1 HP manual screw lift for 60 kg batch specifically for ink matching centres.

  1. Chain Pulley Hanging Type stirrer  5 HP, 10 HP.

  1. Motorised Screw Lift type stirrer 2 HP, 3 HP

The industry standard for durability, faster dispersion and low

maintenance costs. Standard models include explosion-proof

inverter-duty motor, heavy duty v-belt drive, endless flat belt on crown pulleys, precision bearings and guides, safety limit switches, stainless steel wetted parts,anti-rotation bar and shaft guard, and an air/oil hydraulic lift system with controls.