Paddle Mixer

Horizontal multi blades mixing machine with jacket / paddle mixer for food powder homogenization 

Product Description

Descriptive abstract paddle mixer :

The  single  shaft  paddle  mixer is suitable to use  for  powder  and  powder ,granule  and  granule or add  a  little  liquid  to  mixing , it  is widely  applied  in  nuts ,beans ,fee  or other kinds  of granule material , inside  of the  machine  have  different  angle  of  blade  thrown  up  the  materials  thus  cross  mixing.

Paddle Mixer

Working Principle of Paddle type Mixer

Paddle mixers are best for huge capacity mixing at the same time they are convective mixers. Mixers equipped with two different agitators that are mounted with paddles to actively displace the powder. To obtain efficient mixing, it’s necessary for the shaft to reach a certain rotation speed. Once this speed is obtained the paddles lift solids and create product fluidization in the mixer’s central area. Paddle mixers contain profiled paddles that have a defined angle to facilitate both axial and radial mixing for the optimization of mixing time.

Applications of Paddle Mixer

Paddle Shaft Mixers uses in wide range of applications such as food products, cosmetic ingredients, pharmaceutical exciepents. We are giving here below detail industry wise usage of ribbon blenders:

Pharmaceuticals Granulation: Bulk Drugs, API and Nutraceuticals

Cosmetics Products: Talcum Powder, Eye shadow, Face powders, Laundry detergents

Chemicals Materials: Dyes, Intermediates, Pigments, Pesticides, Fine Chemicals, Rubber Chemicals, Abrasives, Engineered plastic resins, Epoxy resins, Carbon black, Fire retardants, Polyethylene, Chemicals, Gypsum, PVC compounding, Cleaning compounds, Plastic powders

Food Ingredients: Infant formula, Cocoa mix, Instant salad dressing, Cake mixes, Seasonings, Flavorings, Gelatin, Milk Powder, Pet foods, Bakery premixes, Cake mixes, Instant breakfast cereals, Spice blends, Dietary supplements, Instant drink blends, Spices, Dried food products

Agriculture Products: Insecticides, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Pesticides and herbicides, Bird seeds

Miscellaneous Applications: Handling large Dry and wet powder volume, Crystalline products, Low-viscosity paste and liquid in chemicals