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High Viscosity Blending Mixer

High Viscosity Mixing Tank

High Viscosity Mixing Tank,  – We are considered a leading manufacturer, service provider, and supplier of High Viscosity Liquid Mixing Tank. The tank offered is provided with a lid with an actuating hinge, slit window, and silicone seal. The tank is characterized by a handle and legs made from stainless steel. It consists of The manufacturing technology of our pharmaceutical mixing container corresponds to the national and international standard. . it had been made under the supervision of our specialists

. Cone bottom: easy to discharge the paste material and flow out

2. According to the number of stirrers, it can be divided into three types: single-shaft stirring type (only one set of high-speed disperser), double-shaft stirring type (high-speed dispersion + anchor frame stirrer with scraper), three-shaft stirring type (two sets of high-speed dispersion + A set of anchor frame agitator with scrapers),

3. Various sizes and specifications can meet the different output requirements of customers. Due to the use of double-shaft and three-shaft agitators, the paste-like materials can still be fully stirred and mixed under the large-volume tank.

4. Wide range of application: This mixer can be used to produce paste-like non-flowing materials such as putty paste, enamel paint, enamel paint, and tempered paint.

5. Advantage: Why should you choose this equipment?

The use of high-speed dispersion disc helps to solve the problem of material clumping.
In particular, it solves the problems of cellulose lumps, gray calcium lumps, and lack of fineness that are often encountered in paste-like objects. In addition, it can save the grinding process of the colloid mill, greatly improving the production efficiency.

All kinds of liquid to premix, disperse, dissolve or color match etc. When it is mixing and dispersing, there is little air suction which can dissolve materials quickly and make the particle more smaller. It is widely used in coating, oil paint, ink, resin, paper making, adhesive, medicine, pigment, color paste, food, beverage etc. to mix, disperse and dissolve two or more kinds of liquids and solid powders.